Desktop game :: Linux, Windows and Mac

Cast from the river bank. Sell what you catch and upgrade your fishing tackle.

If you catch something it will be placed in your keepnet.

Hazards maybe encountered which can damage your fishing tackle.

Pay attention to wind direction and water depth before deciding where to cast from and what tackle to use.

The player's level will limit what type of fish they can catch.

install and run

requires Java (free, no charge) To install just extract this zip file: to run this game from Windows 7, 8 and 10: if Windows fails to run the game: Apple computer: Linux: or use the command line:

cd angleworm ↵ ↵

an optional Linux .desktop file is included which can be copied to the Linux desktop but it will need to be edited so that these two lines point at the angleworm directory:

any computer can run angleworm from the command line with:

cd angleworm ↵
java -jar Angleworm.jar ↵


9 (ish) megabytes, free

Linux, Apple, Windows

Steam Greenlight