About logFarm.net

Paul Butterfield has developed and published Java applications since 2005.

Around 2010, inspired by Mojang he began to try his hand at Java game development.

Recent games have been built using libGDX.

Ballpoint Tank is an Android game

Conceived and published in less than two weeks.

Paul used the tried and tested method to conjure a game idea:

All graphical assets were drawn using GIMP.

Linux Multimedia Studio was used to knock up something that might pass as music.

Sound effects were created by tapping various things with pencils and screw drivers and recording them with a mob. Finally a bit of editing with Audacity.

All development is via a Ubuntu desktop, using both Netbeans and Android Studio.



E-mail :: paulb@logfarm.net

Telephone :: +44 0752 610 4565

Google Hangouts :: tuxjsmith@gmail.com