Android game

... it's about bankers, high frequency trading robots and hacking ...

While wandering through the familiar paths of your local common, you come across something new; the barbed wire boundary that normally governs where you can walk, is broken. There's now a bus sized gap with debris and broken foliage scattered about the place.

Tentatively peering behind the broken fence reveals a sparse landscape. Boulders and oddly located fences stand randomly but there's something else; sparkles of lights floating about in the dusty distance.

Your curiosity is peaked. This is a rare opportunity to have a look at something, not even visible via Google Earth, hidden by some corporate law-bending no doubt.

Swiping the screen of your android device, your mini-map application flashes into operation, top right. With you always located at the centre, some new, previously unseen minimap-tags appear, little coloured squares.

The red one shines the brightest north-east from your current location so you make your way north-east to investigate.


(android) :: Free