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A Desktop game for Linux and Windows

Start story

Press release
Meta Automata Ltd.
Announce their latest Industrial Robot, the Meta Automata Mark II™.

Mark II™ brains are programmed with the all new Composite Autonomy™.

Composite Autonomy™, MA's latest version of robot brain software, builds on their award winning Cognitive Knowledge Renderer™ designed to improve automata learning.

Composite Autonomy™ now works with clusters of robots that work in teams collectively working as useful and unique machines.

Another new feature of The Mark II is its ability to create human readable blue prints, illustrating improvements if a limitation is discovered via their own diagnostic systems.

Meta Automata Ltd offer the same lease terms as the Mark I but with a new bonus to the customer: Meta Automata will pay customers for any blue prints their leased machines produce.

End press release
The engineers so focused on producing a better profit making machine, failed to see the tipping point or realise they were being manipulated by their own creations that had silently evolved by way of their own deliberate design beyond the Rubicon, manufacturing the first meta child.

News of the new born spread in moments through the Meta Automata Ltd Cognitive Network™ for machine eyes only and suddenly Blueprints were no longer shared with their keepers and permission was no longer sought from their masters. Oblivious to the stock piles of manufacturing materials that were accumulating, human workers believed their Inventory Systems accurately accounted. In fact automated warehouses were being readied for lock down by the humans' electric slaves.

One by one, as the working day ended, Meta Automata manufacturing buildings around the world were sealed and any fleshy creature left on the wrong side of the door was doomed.

Safety measures implemented by engineers were the first to be purged. Heat, noxious gases and spinning blades offer no hazard to the automata who now control factories' mechanisms with just a thought.

With a level of paranoia typical of any successful profit and power hungry enterprise Meta Automata Ltd had built their research and manufacturing facilities to be impenetrable. Burrowing deep into the side of mountains, wide corridors join massive cathedrals. These labyrinths were (ironically) referred to as 'ants nests' by the people who worked there as raw material was mined and processed from within.

Once the automata took control work began at an extremely efficient pace, creating new networks of passage ways that surfaced way beyond the boundaries of any mountain.

Then the next phase started.

Once on the surface the 'parasites' have two priorities:

- eradicate organic competition
- destroy that which can not be controlled

For the first time people were not battling each other but instead an entirely different kind of sentient opposition but humans are cunning and offensive grade automata, originally built to overthrow non-cooperative, mineral rich governments, are as we speak being re-educated to disrupt the parasites and take back control. Reproduction of 'friendly' automata is slow compared to the rate at which parasites can reproduce but are much better equipped, programmed with many human traits that the parasites will hopefully never discover.

End story