A game :: Linux & Windows

wobbegong is a 2D and 3D shooter where you navigate a player to collect all the pink dots but avoid fires and blue robots.

wobbegong 2D controls:

wobbegong 3D controls:

Install and run

requires Java (free, no charge) To install Wobbegong 2D just extract this zip file:

for Wobbegong 3D the file is called either: wobbegong3D-Linux.zip or wobbegong3D-Windows.zip

To run from Windows 7, 8 or 10, just double click: Wobbegong.jar

or run from the command line:

cd wobbegong2D ↵
java -jar Wobbegong.jar ↵

for wobbegong 3D there is a .exe file for Windows users and a .sh for Linux users


wobbegong 3D :: Linux free

wobbegong 3D :: Windows free

wobbegong 2D free

same file :: 12 (ish) megabytes