A game :: Linux, Mac & Windows

Destroy all jewels as fast as possible by shooting or running over them.

The fastest jewel eradication time for each map is saved.

Three power-ups fall from the top:

Two types of maelstrom also fall from the top of each map: If you run into either, you will be transported to a random location on the map and your power-ups will be lost. Not to worry because the power-ups will fall again in short order.

Shooting a maelstrom creates a quake, disturbing nearby plaforms causing debris and jewels to fall; which might be exactly what you want.

Shooting orange maelstrom is advantageous because if allowed to make contact with a platform they will drop new jewels, making your task a little more difficult.

All maps can be played regardless by pressing the P key to pause and then either N for next map or V for previous map or R to restart the current map.


Install and run

requires Java (free, no charge) To install just extract this zip file: to run this game from Windows 7, 8 and 10: if Windows fails to run the game and instead opens Wobbegong Platform Hopper in a different program: Apple computer: Linux: or use the command line:

cd wobbegongPlatformHopper ↵
launch.sh ↵

an optional Linux .desktop file is included which can be copied to the Linux desktop but it will need to be edited so that these two lines point at the wobbegongPlatformHopper directory:


any computer can run Wobbegong Platform Hopper from the command line with:

cd wobbegongPlatformHopper ↵
java -jar WobbegongPlatformHopper.jar ↵



same file :: 17 (ish) megabytes

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